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Business Development Professional

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Hi, I'm Thang!

Business Development Professional

Moving, targeting, reaching and converting people to loyal customers is what I love to do for a living. It's all about the way you get in touch with people in life. No matter what I do, I bring customers. First of all, let's read a little bit about me.


Full name

Nguyễn Đức Thắng


29th September 1986 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Zodiac Sign






High School

Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, Ho Chi Minh City - Graduation 2004

I studied at Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. I graduated in 2004


The Foreign Trade University, Ho Chi Minh City - 2004 - 2008

I studied at The Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City from 2004 to 2008 with major: International Trading

Business Management Training

Business Management - Oct 2006 - Feb 2007 (Graduation)

I attended the 6-month Business Management Course organized by The Economy Falcuty of the National Unversity.

Sales & Marketing Director Training

Sales & Marketing Director Course – 6 months - Jun 2008 - Dec 2008 (Graduation)

I completed the 6-month Sales and Marketing Director Course organized by the Economic University (HCM City) in cooperation with the Institute of Economic Development Research (IDR).

CEO training Course

CEO training Course - 6 months - Jul 2008 - Dec 2008 (Graduation)

I completed the 6-month CEO training Course organized by the Economic University (HCM City) in cooperation with the Institute of Economic Development Research (IDR).


Manabie Vietnam

Marketing Lead - 8/2019 - 4/2020

This is an Edtech company from Japan. They build learning apps for Vietnamese high-school students and makes money with in-app paid learning packages. This is the first time I worked for start-up company. They are obssessed with growth-hack which is a non-traditional way of marketing. At this company, I learned that everything from strategies to tactics can be changed day by day to grow quickly to win fund raising rounds. Here, I spent my time building my own team and came up with craziest ideas and strategies to gain app users with all possible tools and marketing channels including Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, KOls  and even offline channels. That was such a grind.

All of a sudden, Corona virus hit us and even investors. The company has to shrink and switch to “survival mode”.  My team is redundant. It is not a happy ending but I have learnt a lot from working for a start-up. I had a great “crazy” team and we could have achieved much more than that. At this time, I realize I really have a strong sense of leadership. I want to build up a team of “warriors” then they can become leaders in my field of work. That is the true color of me.

VN Ngày Nay

Business Development Manager - 1/2019 - 8/2019

At this company, I spent my time building and selling mobile advertising products based on CPC, CPM, CPI and CPE models plus Incentive traffic. This period opened a whole new evolution of my digital marketing experience. I moved from traditional web-based marketing to mobile marketing environment .

Freelancing Youtuber

- 2017 - 2019

Freelancing Youtuber – I make money creating videos about bowling on youtube, targeting the US market.

el-live Productions

Digital Marketing Manager - 2015 - 2017

el-live Productions is the largest International live band company in Southeast Asia. They’re the leading provider of musical entertainment in 5-star venues in Asia and the Middle East. They select the best artists in the world, create unique artistic concepts that are fitting of their venues, and bring the artists together. They train, rehearse, and help develop them then release them to delight the world. I worked here as an Online Marketing Manager taking care of Social Media, Website SEO, Youtube Marketing and Design material management.

Microlink Vietnam

Digital Marketing Team Leader - 2013 - 2014

I contributed to managing and developing ecommerce website selling dietary supplement from USA, plus building and training a content marketing team of 10 people. & (now

Online Marketing Exective - 2011 - 2012

I worked here after an offer from the Digital Marketing Manager of this company at that time. My job scope here was quite clear:

• Setting up, monitoring and reporting Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Campaigns.

• Banner booking.

• Social Media: Setting up Fan Page and conducting Facebook Contests through fan page.

• Email Marketing

• Analyzing and reporting Google Analytics statistics of and

These are the basic works which any online marketer needs to know and I was blessed to have a chance to work and learn from this company.

Ambient Digital Marketing

Online Media Executive - 2008 - 2010

This was the first time i got used to ad network system. Before working for this company, I had done lots of research about ad network system in other countries and realized that this was the next trend of media in Vietnam. This company gave me a chance to work as a part of a newly established ad network.

My work here was to develop media channels as well as buy floating popup placements on high-traffic websites. These placements will be sold to advertisers through Ambient’s ad network. Negotiating with publisher (website owners) to buy ad placements with competitive prices was quite challenging at this time. I also had chances to work with big publishers in Vietnam like,,,,….etc. Finally, we were blessed and got quite a good achievement. We leveraged Ambient to the leading ad network in Vietnam within 1 year.

KinderWorld Kindergarten and Private School JSC Vietnam

Management Trainee - 2007 - 2008

At that time, management trainee is quite a popular job. I passed the management trainee test by this Singaporian company and got a slot to work here. My main job was to do market research and work with local authorities and real estate developers to expand KinderWorld’s Campus network. I was promoted up to “Business Development Executive” at the end of the management trainee time. This company gave me a great internship experience.


Freelancing Youtuber

- 2017 - 2019

Freelancing Youtuber – I make money creating videos about bowling on youtube, targeting the US market.

Selling computer and fashion accessories online

Co-Owner - 2013 - 2014

At this time, e-commerce is totally new in Vietnam. I wanted to know exactly how e-commerce can actually leverage the retail business. So i built my own website named to sell computer and fashion accessories. I enjoyed doing SEO for the website, content marketing for all the products, conducting Google Adwords and Facebook Ad campaigns, promoting products on other e-commerce listing channels:,,… I also managed product consulting, orders and even delivery. I was a “superman” at that time. This chapter of my life gave me a real experience of “running an e-commerce company with one man”.

Digital Marketing Outsourcing for Saigondance Center (Previously Saigonbellydance)

Digital Marketing Freelancer - 2013 - 2015

This is a whole new chapter of mine. This time I worked with artists and dancers. I start from zero to build internet marketing facilities (website, youtube channel, fan page, content marketing, online marketing staff training..etc…) for this center and promote their dancing classes. It’s not easy indeed but I got it moving. Ms Ngan, the founder of this center, is also my friend.

Achievements :

Increasing the number of page likes and interaction rate up to nearly 100 % after less than 1 year by creating unique and juicy content. The fan page of Saigon Belly Dance has been developed since 2008 , reaching more than 6,000 like after 5 years of existence before it was turned over to me.

Bringing the websites to the top 3 of Google search result pages with the key words relevant to dancing, especially are the subjects taught by the center, by creating unique content, after 2 months of construction and improvement. Blog

Social Media & Content Marketing Blogger - 2009 - 2014

I was eager to learn about online marketing but didn’t know how to start. Reading on Google was not enough. I decided to create a my own blog and experience the “real feel” of  Social Media, Facebook Marketing, Content marketing, and SEO. I shared my own experience and research about these fields. Luckily, it touched the hearts of many readers. I don’t update this blog any more but i must say this blog is the best online marketing teacher i’ve ever had.

My blog got a great achievement:’s Google Page Rank leveraged from 0 to 3 after 1 year. Monthly traffic reached nearly 24,000 visits, over 35,000 page views and 20,000 unique visitors. listed my site after 1.5 years.

Co-ordinator with Pace Vietnam Education

Event Co-ordinator - June 2008 - Sep 2008

I joined to organize a university tour event:”How to become an excellent CEO?” with Mr Gian Tu Trung , the CEO and Chairman of Pace Vietnam Education at 5 University in Ho Chi Minh City ( The Economics University, HUFLIT university, the International University, Ton Duc Thang University and Bach Khoa University). The project manger of this project was Ms Nguyen Thuy Uyen Phuong – Marketing Manager of the Pace Education and now the founder of Tomato out-door school for children.

Sale staff at the Innoviet traveling company (

Sale staff (Part-time) - July 2006 - Nov 2006

Innoviet Traveling company gave me a chance to work as a part-time sale staff here while i was a student. My job was to sell inbound tours for foreign tourists. This was a great job to practice English, communication and selling skills. Innoviet is now a great company too in traveling industry in Vietnam. You can learn more about them at I am grateful to learn a lot from the young CEO of this company – Ms Nguyen Thi Hai Ha.  


Professional Skills

  • 90% Complete
    SEO Content Writing 90%
  • 90% Complete
    Social Media 90%
  • 90% Complete
    Google/Facebook Ads 90%
  • 70% Complete
    Video Editing 70%
  • 50% Complete
    Adobe Photoshop 50%

Soft Skills

  • 90% Complete
    Communication 90%
  • 90% Complete
    Negotiating 90%
  • 90% Complete
    Internet & Computer Technology 90%
  • 80% Complete
    Logical & Innovative Thinking 80%
  • 90% Complete
    English Speaking 90%



  • 65% Complete
    Extroverted 65%
  • 53% Complete
    Intuitive 53%
  • 61% Complete
    Thinking 61%
  • 64% Complete
    Judging 64%
  • 69% Complete
    Assertive 69%

Personality Details (ENTJs type)

People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. Perhaps it is best that they make up only three percent of the population. These are my strongest and most valuable work personality character strengths. These define “who i am” at work in “big picture” terms:  

1. Articulates naturally and smoothly

2. Calculating

3. Constrained objectivity

4. Daring

5. Natural planner or strategist

6. Proficient

7. Rational

8. Sharp minded

9. Sociable

10. Strong, yet just

If there’s anything ENTJs love, it’s a good challenge, big or small, and they firmly believe that given enough time and resources, they can achieve any goal.

Efficient – ENTJs see inefficiency not just as a problem in its own right, but as something that pulls time and energy away from all their future goals, an elaborate sabotage consisting of irrationality and laziness. People with the ENTJ personality type will root out such behavior wherever they go.

Energetic – Rather than finding this process taxing ENTJs are energized by it, genuinely enjoying leading their teams forward as they implement their plans and goals.

Self-Confident – ENTJs couldn’t do this if they were plagued by self-doubt – they trust their abilities, make known their opinions, and believe in their capacities as leaders.

Strong-Willed – Nor do they give up when the going gets tough – ENTJ personalities strive to achieve their goals, but really nothing is quite as satisfying to them as rising to the challenge of each obstacle in their run to the finish line.

Strategic Thinkers – ENTJs exemplify the difference between moment-to-moment crisis management and navigating the challenges and steps of a bigger plan, and are known for examining every angle of a problem and not just resolving momentary issues, but moving the whole project forward with their solutions.

Charismatic and Inspiring – These qualities combine to create individuals who are able to inspire and invigorate others, who people actually want to be their leaders, and this in turn helps ENTJs to accomplish their often ambitious goals that could never be finished alone.

My top business points

My Top Business Points details specific strengths and qualities unique to my work personality:

1. Appreciate strong people

2. Deal well with the unexpected

3. Think logical and systematic 

4. Give clear parameters

5. Is energized when in charge

6. Provide analytical solutions

7. Provide positive assessments

8. Require a solid work ethic

9. Speak without fanfare

10. Work from sound principles


Body Building & Health

Strong body and good health are the basic foundation for success. Exercises boost your happiness, confidence and keep you enjoying life. We human are born to get moving not staying 8 hours a days sitting on a chair and staring at the computer. You can call it my “superstition”.


I have a great passion for this sports. I’ve been playing bowling and competing in the amateur tournaments in Vietnam for 6 years. If you want to know more about this sports, go to my own website about bowling at I have a dream of playing bowling professionally and traveling around the world for tournaments.

Social activities

Socializing and having deep conversations with friends.

Travelling and exploring new lands and people.

Favourite books & movie

Favourite books: “Sherlock Holme”, “God Father”, “Wuthering heights” – Emily Bronte, “7 habits of successful people” – Stephen . R .Covey, “Journey to the East” – Baird T. Spalding.

Favourite movies: “Band of Brothers” & “The Pacific” – by Steven Spielberg & Tom Hank, “Dunkirk”, “Inception”, Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan.




40/8 Lữ Gia, Phường 15, Quận 11, Tp HCM




Thank you!

"The important thing is not to stop questioning"

Albert Einstein